We’re back!

Hello fellow handmade art lovers!

We realize we have been on a bit of a hiatus from this blog. But fear not, we’re back!

The plan is to feature 2 stores a week! One on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays. Additionally, if we have any guest bloggers they will be featured on Mondays.


Please refer to our Welcome! post for more information on how to become a featured store. If you are interested in being a guest blogger please email us at allhandmadebymeteam@gmail.com for more information! We hope to start in the next week or two!


Happy Handmade Monday!

Handmade Monday has arrived. A day to celebrate handmade art and support your local and global handmade artists. Please consider making a purchase today! Whether it be for yourself, your family, or your friends, handmade art is sure to put a smile on your face!

As promised, we are sharing some deals going on today:

YouFascinateMeSo – 15% off everything (excludes bridal), free domestic shipping on all sales over $30 (code: Free30)

Freckle Dots – 1 25% off coupon for each quilt size (4 coupons only) – first come, first serve

Check out this post by Stacey at SMART Designs for some more Handmade Monday sales by members of the All Handmade By ME Team!

Please leave a comment and share your Handmade Monday sale!

Some SMARTwords by SMARTdesigns

Hi! My name is Stacey Sobelman and I am the founder of the All Handmade By Me Team. This team was founded with one main goal: to promote the importance of buying handmade items. With that in mind, what could be better than an international holiday to celebrate handmade treasures?

The first annual Handmade Monday is one week from today! Like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, Handmade Monday is dedicated to sales and promotions for the holiday season. What makes Handmade Monday any different, you might ask? Well, everything sold on Handmade Monday has been lovingly made by a real live person who has a passion for his or her craft!

True, Black Friday will probably bring the cheapest prices and the best deals, but in all honesty, it is a shallow holiday. One that has been creeping closer and closer to taking over Thanksgiving every single year. This is another reason why Handmade Monday is so great! Instead of having a holiday weekend overrun by consumerism, you now have the option to do your shopping on Handmade Monday, the Monday BEFORE the holiday weekend!

Many handmade sellers are having special sales and promotions to celebrate this new holiday! I am certainly no exception! I have created a special Facebook event for my sale where you can find all the details as I announce them. I have decided that I will base my discounts (to some extent) off the response I receive on Facebook. The more people who show an interest in my sale, the more I will be compelled to celebrate with special deals! [hint hint]

I will be offering special bundle sets for my artwork as well! I already have a couple examples (example A | example B) in my shop, but you can expect several more to be listed for Handmade Monday!

I have also decided that Handmade Monday would be the perfect occasion to premiere new artwork! I have been working nonstop to create new pieces for my customers! I have previewed some of them on my Facebook page, but you’ll have to visit my shop on Handmade Monday to see everything. The new pieces are in line with the overall style in my shop, but they are unlike anything I have listed so far! I have been trying some new techniques and am thrilled with the results! I’m no good with secrets and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I better cut myself off here. I’ll just say, you ain’t seen nothin yet!

My Handmade Monday Sale begins at 7:00 am CST one week from today! Free shipping on every purchase.

See you there!

Esty | Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

Handmade Monday

With Handmade Monday approaching fast (November 25th), we’ll be putting a little handmade touch on the blog for the next week or two! Guest bloggers will be featured, sharing what they love about handmade and letting their creativity shine. Starting Monday, the team leaders of the All Handmade By ME Team will be taking over the blog! And be sure to check in on Handmade Monday for a list of some of the specials that shop owners are running in honor of the occasion. Handmade Monday offers a perfect opportunity for some early shopping before the holidays get in full swing this Thanksgiving. Don’t forget that Small Business Saturday follows on November 30th!

So what are Handmade Monday and Small Business Saturday? Check out the posting by our very on Stephanie on her blog The Astral Charm to learn more!

*If you are a member of the All Handmade By ME Team and would like to be featured in this blog (to share a Handmade Monday promo or for a shop feature) please email us at allhandmadebymeteam@gmail.com. Refer to this post for more information if you want a shop feature!


Today’s featured shop is Melgarita, started by Mel in June of 2013. Known for her party famous margaritas, her nickname stuck and became her shop name. Mel designs, sews, and sells handmade purses, clutches, and bags. While she isn’t afraid to stray from her favorite designs, her true passion is her handmade purses, clutches, and bags. A firefighter from Atlanta, Mel now lives with her husband in Parker, Colorado. (the two got married Oct. 27, 2012 – happy belated anniversary!) After the move, Mel wasn’t sure she was fit for the fire service and turned to her hobby. What started out as making a diaper bag for a new mom and other gifts for family turned into her shop and business! But sewing isn’t new to Mel, she once sewed industrial harnesses and equipment for firefighters and rescue personnel. Graced with a large industrial machine, Mel can use heavier materials for her purses such as leather. “What girl can resist a a great pair of shoes and new leather handbag?  Now I get to make the art I like to wear!

 “The best thing about making handmade art is that each item is unique and special.  It’s also why I was drawn to sell on etsy. I’ve done production work in the past and it was not my forte… I tend to get bored.  Having a background in design (architecture) I’ve always been the designer and creator instead of the mass producer.  I like to tweak new designs and play with material and textures.  It keeps things fresh for me and my customer.
While some shop owners have favorite items that they sell, Mel’s favorite is every changing. “I really enjoy having each item I start evolve into a functional item. My husband used to teasingly say I was a “bag lady” since I’ve always had totes and pouches to keep things organized.  Now he is truly believing it as I try to create something new everyday.  And yes… some never make it to the shop to sell! :)
Melgarita features handmade purses that will surely impress! Mel is also offering free shipping tomorrow, Friday November 15th. Just use code: FREESHIPNOV15 and you’ll find with a lovely, unique bag! Be sure and check out Melgarita! You’ll find something you can’t resist!

Artsy Clay

Today is 11/12/13! And it is also time for another featured shop! Today we bring you Artsy Clay by Judy in Asheville, North Carolina. Judy creates whimsical clay jewelry, ornaments, and more! From a creative family, Judy learned the joy of brightening other people’s lives with handmade gifts from her mother. “[My mother] was my role model: she was still crocheting and giving away beautiful baby blankets up to her last days at age 87.” The passion for creating is still with Judy as she has been creating all sorts of things out of polymer clay since 1997. And she’s passing the creative legacy along. Just this Mother’s Day, Judy’s granddaughter Megan made necklaces for the women of the family.

I love handmade art because you can find such unique things that come from people’s imaginations and have “heart.” Things that are handmade with love and care will last and become keepsakes to hand down to the next generation.

Artsy Clay started on Etsy in 2006 after encouragement from Judy’s friends and family. She finds the possibilities of polymer clay to be endless. Learning from classes, books, and online tutorials mixed with some playing and experimenting, Judy sells all sorts of polymer clay creations made with passion. And, she encourages custom orders.

What does Judy love most in her shop? Her cat jewelry and ornaments.

Sweet Cat Pendant pink and white kitty - whimsical hand crafted polymer clay jewelryCheck  out this cat pendant.

A perfect gift for your cat loving friend or yourself! Check out Judy’s Etsy shop Artsy Clay for more adorable pendants and clay ornaments just in time for the holiday season!

The Astral Charm

Today’s featured store is run by Stephanie in Mesa, Arizona. Her store, The Astral Charm features handmade, personally designed jewelry created just for you! As 23 year old mother of two college graduate (AA), she’s working on her Bachelors and Masters in Social Work while running her Etsy shop.

“I love handmade art because of the personality and character that comes with every piece. Handmade is special in that handmade items really compliment your own unique personality. I make jewelry and love my earrings. I try to reach out to women of all ages, and I believe that jewelry should be unique, fun, and a little quirky no matter how old you are!”

Stephanie loves putting her own special touch on all of her art. An avid scrapbooker and paper art lover, she even makes her own earring cards to specialize your purchase even more. And while she’s not busy creating her gorgeous jewelry, she helps run the All Handmade By ME Team.

“I love being a leader of the All Handmade by ME team because it really gives a sense of purpose (besides being a mom of course!) and that I like helping the team whether it’s answering questions on the forums, or pinning items to our ever growing pinterest. There are always ideas going through my head on how to keep our awesome team interested and engaged, and it’s exciting that I have the ability to put those thoughts in action!” 

And just in time for the holidays, Stephanie would love to share her Rose Hair Bobby Pin with you.

A gorgeous gift for friends, family, or yourself! Spice up your hairdo for that holiday party with her handmade bobby pin piece! Stephanie has all sorts of fun and unique handmade jewelry just waiting for you! Head on over to her Etsy store and check it out!